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Desmond Clark doesn't appreciate Lakeland playing "hardball" with him

Bears tight end Desmond Clark said he’s disappointed that policy in Polk County, Florida, have seized then publicized one of his rental properties with troubled tenants.

“People know who I am and what I stand for and if the city wants to play hardball because I had bad tenants, then that’s fine,” Clark said via text. “I’ve been trying to help them help me for the last year and a half to get the bad tenants out.

“Does anything think I want that going on in one of my many rental properties?”

According to a report in Bay 9 News, police seized Clark’s rental property in Lakeland, Fla. Police officer Adrian Rodriguez told Bay 9 News that drug dealers and prostitutes were regular guests at the rental home.

“This has been a thorn in our side, I want to say, for at least, the very least, four years,” Rodriguez told the television station.

Police have contacted Clark and his landlord brother, Ralph Wilson, several times, according to the report. Notices were also sent via certified mail.

“I’m disappointed with the city after all I try to do to better this community to let something like this grow to where it’s at now,” Clark said. “I would think that they know would know me better. Politics as usual. I guess they are trying to get some kind o recognition or publicity by putting my name out there.

“My character speaks for itself.”

Here is the report from Bay 9 News via Pro Football Talk:

Due to the police action, Clark will not be able to regain the right to rent the home for a year.

The case should serve as a warning to other absent landlords, the report said.