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Bulls react to All-Star snub

SAN FRANCISCO — At 34-14, the Bulls are one of the biggest surprises in the NBA so far this season, but they believe the fact that they only placed one player on the Eastern Conference All-Star team is a testament that some doubt they are as good as their record.

“It’s weird to me that we only have one, but then again all I can do is kind of put it past me,” said forward Luol Deng, who was believed to have the best shot at joining Derrick Rose on the team.

“I really think I am a step ahead of where I was last year. My main thing is to keep going forward. I am disappointed, but there’s nothing I can do about it.”

Although power forward Carlos Boozer has All-Star caliber numbers (19.8 points and 10.2 rebounds), his case was hampered by the fact he’s missed 18 games because of injury.

“I’m not disappointed,” he said. “I didn’t think I was gonna make it because I didn’t play enough games. I really wish Luol had made it. I feel he was very deserving. He’s played every game this season, he’s having a monster season for us and I was hoping he’d make his first All-Star game.

“I’m gonna go down to the beach in Miami and see my kids, get a little tan and come back crispier.”

While Boozer understands why he wasn’t selected, he feels the Bulls definitely deserved a second player. They are the only one of the top four teams in the East without multiple All-Stars.

“That’s surprising,” he said. “I feel like Luol was deserving. He’s having a monster year. Obviously, D-Rose starting is a given, but you would think Luol would be in there considering our record and how well we played in the East.

“I’m sure it’s gonna motivate the hell out of him. He’s already motivated, but it’s gonna motivate him even more. We have a lot to prove. We’re a team that’s still trying to find our respect from everybody else.”