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Warriors will test Bulls' discipline

SAN FRANCISCO — Although the Golden State Warriors have a losing record, they present a challenge to opposing teams – particularly at home – because of their fast-paced style.

“They play great, they score a lot of points, they have a lot of guys that are very good one-on-one guys – Monta [Ellis] has been one of the leader scorers in the league probably since he got to the NBA – and they’re well coached,” Bulls power forward Carlos Boozer said. “They have that Don Nelson system. I know Keith Smart is the head coach, but they have that same type of system.

“It’s gonna be a high-octane game. It’s one of those games that as NBA guys you look forward to playing. It’s more like street ball, what we all grew up playing. It’ll be fun.”

The key for the Bulls will be playing their game and not getting into a track meet with the Warriors.

“As a team, they’re shooting almost 40 [percent] from three, they have a dynamic backcourt in Ellis and [Stephen] Curry and they can all score the ball,” Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau said. “You’ve got your hands full when you’re playing them. They’re a big-time scoring team and they’re a passing lane steal team. We know how important it’ll be to establish a defensive mindset right at the start of the game.”