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Packer backers Skille and Dowell all smiles after win

CALGARY, Alberta — Jake Dowell and Jack Skille, Wisconsin natives and big Packers fans, didn’t have too much of a chance to revel in their team’s Super Bowl win over the Steelers Sunday night.

After all, they were in Canada and not in Wisconsin on Sunday.

Skille and Dowell enjoyed themselves at the Hawks’ Super Bowl party at a Calgary hotel, but it was nothing compared to what was going on in their home state.

“It would have been different if I were in an atmosphere filled with Wisconsin [people] and Green Bay fans,” Dowell said. “It was pretty tame where we were watching. I got excited, but I didn’t get too crazy.

“There were other [Hawks] that were rooting for them, but no one cared that much.”

Did they get nervous when the Steelers rallied or had a chance to win it in the final minutes?

“I was more nervous went it was 28-25,” Dowell said. “I was holding my breath a little bit then. When Pittsburgh got the ball back [late] and they were pressed for time and needed a third- and then fourth-down conversion, I was pretty confident, but you never know.”

Neither Dowell nor Skille had any bets with teammates — “I’m not going to be spending my money that way,” Skille said — but both were full of smiles Monday.

“It was a really fun game to watch,” Skille said. “I’m happy for Green Bay. For the city for Green Bay, it’s big for them. … I’m sure the city of Green Bay was rocking pretty good. I know the capital, Madison, was colored in yellow and green. It’s a big thing for the State of Wisconsin.”

“I’m sure everybody was out celebrating all night,” Dowell said.