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Seabrook remorseful after unsportsmanlike penalty

EDMONTON, Alberta — The Blackhawks’ chances of grabbing at least a point in their loss to the Calgary Flames Monday decreased when defenseman Brent Seabrook was sent to the penalty box.

Seabrook was called for unsportsmanlike conduct with 74 seconds left in the game and the Flames went on to add an empty-net goal to seal their win.

Seabrook said Tuesday after practice in Edmonton that he received the penalty for screaming at the referees and that he regretted his actions.

“They have a hard enough job calling the game and making the right calls without us yelling at them,” he said. “Sometimes we have to show them a little more respect and that’s the best way to get some respect for ourselves.”

Seabrook felt a penalty should have been called on the Flames after he was taken down in the offensive zone.

Still, he wasn’t making an excuse for his actions.

“It’s a tough position I put the team in,” Seabrook said. “It’s one of those things. I thought a call should have been made and my emotions got the best of me.”