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Korver left out of three-point shootout

Kyle Korver set an NBA record for three-point percentage last season with a success rate of .536, but apparently that wasn’t enough juice to get the Bulls’ sharpshooter into this year’s three-point shootout during All-Star Weekend.

Korver wasn’t among the field of six announced Tuesday. Ray Allen of the Boston Celtics, Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma Thunder, Daniel Gibson of the Cleveland Cavaliers, James Jones of the Miami Heat, Dorell Wright of the Golden State Warriors and defending champion Paul Piece of the Celtics will be the participants.

Korver, who is shooting 41.2 percent from long distance this season, was disappointed but didn’t make a big deal of it.

“I would love to go to All-Star Weekend and participate, for sure,” he said. “L.A. would be a good place to be for the All-Star break. But I’ll go and enjoy it somewhere else.”