Mayor elect Emanuel and Obama meet in the Oval. Photo. UPDATES

SHARE Mayor elect Emanuel and Obama meet in the Oval. Photo. UPDATES

(White House photo)

WASHINGTON–Mayor elect Rahm Emanuel met with President Obama, his former boss in the Oval Office on Friday, and hung around the White House a bit to say hello to staffers he worked with as chief of staff.

“He was walking around saying hello to folks,” White House senior advisor Valerie Jarrett told me. “He looks terrific. Never happier.” Emanuel also visited with his successor–and longtime pal–new chief of staff Bill Daley.

Emanuel wandered over to one of the press offices, down the way from the Oval after he met with the president, lingering about 10 minutes. He gave everyone hugs, I’m told.

On his Twitter page Emanuel gave no clues on the substance of any conversation, tweeting, “Had a great discussion with President @BarackObama this morning.”

Emanuel avoided cameras and reporters on his way in and out, using an entrance to the White House where he could not be spotted coming and going. Emanuel’s team is looking to downplay this visit back to the White House. Neither Emanuel’s campaign nor the White House so far want to provide any “guidance”or a “readout” about what the two friends talked about. Remember: while Obama and Emanuel may not have seen each other in awhile, the two continued to talk all the time after Emanuel left the White House in October.

White House press secretary Jay Carney, asked about the Emanuel visiting during a briefing on Air Force One–Obama was en route to Florida–said “It was a personal visit and that’s all I know.” He joked, “It felt a little different in the White House, though. I didn’t see him, but you could tell — you could feel His Honor’s energy.”

Emanuel is in D.C. this weekend–and the next–staying at his rented home here. His wife, Amy and three kids are staying in D.C. until the end of the school year.

FOOTNOTE: Former White House senior advisor David Axelrod also is in Washington this weekend.

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