Jenks “regrets” how he parted ways with White Sox

SHARE Jenks “regrets” how he parted ways with White Sox
SHARE Jenks “regrets” how he parted ways with White Sox

BOSTON – Bobby Jenks expressed some remorse about the way he and the White Sox parted ways. Too many good years, too many good teammates and one World Series championship overshadow anything said in the heat of feeling unwanted.

“Yeah, it’s water under the bridge for me,” Jenks said before the Sox played the Red Sox Tuesday. “I’m here with the Red Sox now and as much I enjoyed the time over there in Chicago, my focus is on this organization and this team now.”

After Jenks signed with the Red Sox during the off-season, he popped off that manager Ozzie Guillen didn’t know how to handle a bullpen. Guillen’s son Oney then aired some dirty laundry Jenks on his Twitter account. It was an unpleasant exchange that made Jenks and the Guillens look bad.

“Sure I regret it,” Jenks said. “I spent a lot of time there and it was a lot of good years.”

Jenks, who hadn’t pitched since May 1 because of a right biceps strain, returned from the disabled list Tuesday and pitched a scoreless eighth inning against the Sox. He gave up singles to Alexei Ramirez and Brent Lillibridge, then doubled Lillibridge off first on a comeback-liner off the bat of Paul Konerko to get out of a jam. The Sox led 10-1 at the time.

“If he wants to come to say hi, I’ll open my arms for him because this kid had a big part to make me who I am,” Guillen said. “I don’t have anything against him at all. What he said, he might be right. Why not? I never said I was a great manager. I never said I handled my bullpen the best I could. But one thing, I give him the best shot ever to make the money and play in the big leagues. I was the one who give it to him. And when I give it to him, he grabbed it and did a tremendous job for us.”

Guillen said he ”loves” Jenks and understands how it felt to part ways with the Sox. Jenks downplayed the potential matchup against his old team.

“If it was any team right not I would have the same motivation because I’m coming off the DL and I want to get back to work,” he said.

“I am not going against Ozzie, I’m going against the White Sox.

“It’s going to be weird but once the game starts and once my inning is there and ready to go, it’s down to business.”

Guillen said he was never angry with Jenks. He repeated what he said during the offseason, that he was saddened by Jenks’ comments.

“What you say, you say and it’s out there,” Guillen said. “Were we mad at him? No. I wasn’t mad at what he said. If I was mad, I’d let him know right away I was mad. I was more sad than anything else, because we treated him very well here. I think his teammates treated him well, so did we.

“Like I said, I treat him the same way I treat all my players. Maybe a little different because he was a different kind of guy. As a kid, it’s a kid in a big bad body. I love Bobby. I love his family. I love Cuma [daughter] and I still remember his kid’s name. That means I haven’t forgot those people. They were a great family and Bobby was good for us.

“Any regrets? I don’t see why. He don’t say anything bad. He said the manager sucked. Well, …. yes. I don’t think he should regret what [he] said. To be honest with you. A lot of people when they leave some companies or teams, obviously you feel hurt. They hurt your feelings. And you say what you have to say. But I look up his quotes, and I don’t think he hurt anybody. He don’t hurt my job or my feelings because I never say I was a good manager. He don’t hurt my feelings because I know I can manage in this game. And in the meanwhile, he shouldn’t regret anything because I don’t feel any regrets about him.”

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