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Trainer says Olin Kreutz and Roberto Garza looking great

Trainer Mike Bystol of Poliquin Performance Center in Northfield trains a lot of professional athletes, including several members of the Bears.

I was struck by what Bystol told me in a story I did about Olin Kreutz.

Kreutz is healthier than he’s been in a while. And, this offseason, he’s able to ramp up his training, which he’s done with Bystol four to five days a week for nearly the entire offseason.

Bystol gave me a great example, noting that Kreutz couldn’t put any weight on a sled they use last offseason. But, this time around, he’s slapping 400 pounds on it.

Meanwhile, Bystol also gave me an update on two other offensive linemen, Roberto Garza and Chris Williams.

“Both of them are doing really well,” Bystol said. “Garza, strength wise, is the strongest he’s ever been. And [Williams] is doing pretty good too.”