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Pitchfork Music Festival: CHIRP Record Fair


Staff Reporter

Clint Pogue and girlfriend Courtney King, both 22, traveled from Missouri to attend the Pitchfork Music Festival, but it wasn’t just for the concerts — it was also for the record fair.

Since Pitchfork’s inception, CHIRP Radio has hosted a record fair, which offers deals on vinyl, crafts and clothes.

“It’s pretty awesome,” Pogue said. “I really love the idea of having a true music library, and we get really sweet deals.”

This year, 45 vendors participated in the fair, which is placed inside the festival area. Music Direct, a record store on Laflin, has been a part of the fair since it began.

“We like to expose a new generation to vinyl and give good prices,” said Kyle Vanderlaan, 30, of Music Direct.

Jenny Lizak, vice president and marketing director for CHIRP, said the record fair is part of what makes Pitchfork great.

“When Pitchfork started, they wanted it to be more than just music this allows people to do some shopping, buy the bands’ music and get out of the sun,” said Lizak, 33. “It’s park of the Pitchfork experience.”

Clint Pogue Courtney King peruse the Music Direct table at Chirp Radios record fair during Pitchfork Music Festival on Saturday. (Ariel Cheung/Sun-Times)

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