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Ramble with Storm: Dumb bunnies

Mulling things on my morning ramble with Storm,

the family’s mixed Lab.

Young rabbits are the land version of forage fish.

Fatheads, so to speak.

For a while, I was beginning to think that the cold wet spring and early summer had limited the number of rabbits born. Though I think rabbits are to breeding what the Kardashians are to the celebrity spotlight.

Then I began seeing them again, young rabbits not the Kardashians, on my morning walks with the meathead, which always makes for a challenging few moments when he decides if he is going to put the effort into making a charge to chase the rabbit or not

There’s a reason rabbits are prey.

The young ones, especially, are not particularly sharp, sort of fresh meat in a squat heap.

Saturday morning, in the middle of the grassy area leading to the town pond, a young one decided to freeze.

Now, in the middle of a briar patch, a rabbit freezing is very effective cover with their brown fur matching or blending into the growth.

Sitting in the middle of green grass, no, not so much.

I think Storm was nearly as stunned as I was. We walked within a few feet of this dumb bunny before he realized, “Hey, this isn’t working.”

And he scooted off into the brush.

It feels good to do a Ramble with Storm again. As if the world is back on even keel.