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Obama birthday Aug. 3 Chicago fund-raiser: Jennifer Hudson, Herbie Hancock, OK Go

WASHINGTON–Fund-raising is ongoing for President Obama’s Aug. 3 concert event in Chicago–even though it’s not known if the deficit crisis will keep Obama in Washington. An added sweetner: Top donors will get a briefing at Obama’s national campaign headquarters in the Prudential Building.

The fund-raiser at the Aragon in Uptown is tied to Obama’s 50th birthday on Aug. 4–but the significant date here is Aug. 2: when the U.S. defaults if the debt ceiling is not raised. Obama has not headlined a fund-raiser for weeks because of the ongoing negotiations and won’t be coming to Chicago if there is no deal.


My earlier column on Obama Aug. 3 event is here


More details about the Aragon events, according to a fund-raising solicitation:

ENTERTAINMENT: Chicago natives Jennifer Hudson, Herbie Hancock and OK GO.


Concert, to stand on the main floor, $200.

Open bar and reception, $1,000 Preferred Section.

Photoline, to be seated in the balcony $10,000 per person (thought this may be negotiable) or raise $25,000.

Dinner, to be seated in either the left or right balcony level for concert; move to balcony for dinner, $35,800 per couple, which includes reception and briefing at campaign headquarters.

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