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Kristin Cavallari: I never questioned Jay Cutler's injury

It’s the story that won’t die. But perhaps now it can.

Kristin Cavallari, the ex-fiancee of Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, took to Twitter yesterday to refute a story posted by a gossip website that claimed she called her former beau a “loser” and “p—-” for faking a knee injury during a loss to the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship Game.

“Stop believing everything ur reading…not 1 thing has been accurate

and I haven’t commented AT ALL and jay hasn’t either so its all bs,”

Cavallari tweeted.

The reality-television starlet denied the report posted on Hollywood Life that, among other things, claimed she told Cutler he was “worthless.” She also said she’s never questioned the validity of the ailment that knocked the gunslinger–and the Bears–out of the playoffs.

“I never said ANYTHING about jays knee injury,” she tweeted. “I’ve always backed him

100%. Stop trying to start s—. I knw he was seriously hurt.”

Cutler and Cavallari were set to be married July 7, 2012, but their 10-month courtship ended earlier this week amid reports that the quarterback couldn’t stand the “hoopla” that surrounding it.

A story then surfaced that Cutler was commenting about the couple’s relationship on his Facebook page, which was revealed to be a fake account.

So maybe, just maybe, this is the last we’ll hear on this issue.