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Pro-Walsh Super-PAC "will fight to keep" anti-Duckworth ad on air

The Now or Never Political Action Committee said on Monday it is battling to keep on the air its ad attacking 8th Congressional District candidate Tammy Duckworth.

Duckworth’s campaign, meanwhile, said it is lobbying news channels to pull the commercial.

“The Now or Never Political Action Committee (NON-PAC) will fight to keep the ads on the air,” a release from the PAC said today. The release came after the Duckworth campaign put out a release saying that WLS-TV, Channel 7 would not run the ad, though WLS has not confirmed this.

The Super-PAC has already spent more than $800,000 in an ad buy for Joe Walsh in his bid for reelection and is spending another considerable chunk in this run.

Larry Wert, NBC-Universal General Manager told the Sun-Times that it is airing that same commercial that is under dispute.

“We cleared the spot, it will air tonight,” Wert said. Wert added the commercial is reviewed as part of an internal process that involves the legal department.

WLS has not yet publicly said whether it has indeed decided not to run the commercial.

Messages left with the business side of the station have not yet been returned.

A spokesman from Now or Never said that WLS hasn’t received a confirmation that the station is considering pulling it. “They are required to give us notice,” said spokesman Tyler Harber.

A Duckworth spokeswoman initially said a “source” from WLS said it would be pulled.

When pressed, she said this:

“WLS made the decision not to run the ad without having been contacted by our campaign. We are reaching out to stations now to let them know that the ad is inaccurate and should not be aired.

This is the same ad that other stations are running,” said Kaitlin Fahey.