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Ramble with Storm: The power of routine & bare trees

Mulling things on my morning ramble

with Storm, the family’s mixed Lab.

It was good to settle into the morning routine again with the meathead, you know, stepping lively, as dawn came.

After three days in southern Illinois, it was nice to settle into the morning ramble right on schedule this morning.

The most noticeable thing was how many leaves had fallen. Nearly half the trees were bare or nearly bare.

It was quite a change from southern Illinois where the fall colors are nearing peak.

Four geese swam quietly on the north old clay pit. So I looked closer and found a group of 10 and another group of eight.

We had some sort of migration in the past week or maybe geese are simply utilizing the many harvested cornfields and bean fields.

Only a couple more hedge apples were down on the back side of the town pond. I guess we are nearing the end of hedge apples falling from the sky.

Very little wildlife this morning: no rabbits, no kingfishers, no herons.

Back in town, one black squirrel scurried through orange leaves and up the back side of a tree.

There was comfort in something that usual.

Not so much comfort in the bare trees.