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SuperPAC: Tammy Duckworth ad will run on all stations

A pro-Joe Walsh ad made up by a SuperPAC that the Tammy Duckworth campaign had hoped to keep from airing has landed a spot “on all stations,” according to a spokesman.

“The ad will run, at all stations, despite the challenge by Duckworth,” said Tyler Harber, spokesman for Now or Never, a SuperPAC.

The SuperPAC spent $405,150 on the ad buy, according to campaign disclosures.

Harber said he is preparing to release more details. To date, the conservative SuperPAC has spent more than $1.2 million on pro-Walsh/anti-Duckworth commercials. Federal Election Commission disclosures show that the group has spent $2 million so far in the 2012 campaign cycle.

On Monday, the Duckworth campaign released a statement saying that a “source” had said that the ABC-owned WLS TV would not run the latest pro-Walsh TV ad. However, WLS President and General Manager John Idler said later Monday that was not true — it was under review.