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Whitney Young teacher takes on student in dance battle

Whitney Young Dean of Students John Fanning just beat his students at their own game.

When a rambunctious student began dancing in circles on the second floor of the school and challenging nearby teachers to a dance battle it seemed that things may get out of hand.

The student cornered one teacher in the doorway of her classroom and performed some fancy footwork but was denied a challenge. The student then began playing to the room and dancing around the gathered crowd of students egging him on with cheers. This is when Fanning stepped up to the plate.

The Dean stood his ground as the student ‘foot-worked’ inches in front of him and when it was his turn, busted out an Irish jig. The crowd went wild.

It was clear Fanning had won the battle.

The incident was caught on tape by YouTube user Jarayray Seashelle who uploaded the video with the description:

“What started out as a small prank (foot-working in front of random people after school) turned into a party on Whitney Young’s 2nd floor the minute Mr.”Thirst Gawd” Fanning decided to be the first person to strike back. Shout out to that man Norris, ’13 ;)”