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Ramble with Storm: Lone dove to ``Too Long in the Wasteland''

Mulling things on my morning ramble with Storm, the family’s mixed Lab.

A lone dove flew across the gravel road as the meathead and I crossed the rail track and walked toward the town pond.

Naturally, at least for me, as always, lone dove connected to “Lonesome Dove,” Larry McMurtry’s Pulitzer-Prize winning western. Well, just about anybody would go there, it also became a pretty good mini-series.

But I usually make the jump to the dark music of his son James McMurtry. His voice, music and lyrics are Dylanesque, which may explain some of the appeal to me.

I was haunted by his “Too Long in the Wasteland” the first time I heard it on WXRT-FM years ago.

I expected more geese on a morning like this with a late start because I was doing Mike Jackson Outdoors Radio.

But we still managed to make the town pond just as the sun rose as a spectacular red ball over the double rail tracks to the east.

A string of geese came off the cornfields to the north, but went to another lake. That was about it for wildlife.

Back in town, two gray squirrels scurried through the leaves and up trees.

Frost yet again on our neighbor’s car, that’s something like 10 times for her car being frosted already this year. Seems like a lot this early.

Every year, every season, brings its own changes.