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Pierzynski re-enters free agency

Catcher A.J. Pierzynski, pitchers Francisco Liriano and Brian Bruney, outfielder Dewayne Wise and infielder Jose Lopez are all eligible to become free agents as the free agent filing period starts Monday, the first day after the World Series.

If the Sox don’t pick up club options on pitchers Jake Peavy ($22 million), Brett Myers ($10 million) and Gavin Floyd ($9.5) and infielders Kevin Youkilis ($13 million) and Orlando Hudson ($8 million), those players can become free agents as well. Floyd doesn’t have a buyout, and letting him go would leave the Sox short on right-handed starters, unless Peavy and Myers are brought back at higher prices.

While the options on Peavy, Youkilis, Myers and Hudson aren’t expected to be picked up, Floyd stands a better chance of having his picked up by the Sox.

“We have a bunch of option decisions,” general manager Rick Hahn said. “We’ll announce them right after the World Series. I have a pretty good sense of how [Floyd] fits in. I’d hate to answer on one guy and not the others.”