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Judy Biggert takes off gloves in new ad hitting Foster on worker layoffs

Longtime GOP Congresswoman Judy Biggert launched a new ad on Thursday attacking 11th congressional opponent Bill Foster and his business history.

“Bill Foster laid off workers and sent jobs to China, no wonder we fired him,” the ad says.

The ad describes Foster as a millionaire then says Foster’s firm laid off workers “right before Christmas.”

The ad is about Foster’s Electronic Theater Controls company, a firm that Foster and his brother founded in the 1970s.

From Foster’s bio: “ETC provides hundreds of good jobs – with good pay and benefits – here in the Midwest. When he decided to run for a public office in 2007, Bill sold his interest in his company to avoid any conflicts of interest.”

The ad is the latest salvo in a tight race in the 11th congressional district — one of six in Illinois that have been deemed “high priority” by both national parties.