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Campaign events canceled; Hurricane Sandy storm relief events scheduled -- in swing states

Hurricane Sandy batters the East Coast and triggers a flurry of storm-relief events — in swing states.

West Allis, Wisc. — A campaign rally by Mitt Romney was canceled in the swing state of Wisconsin on Monday due to Hurricane Sandy.

But that won’t keep the GOP ticket from hitting the state — and other swing states — in the final days before next week’s election. Expect the same out of the Democrats with Bill Clinton expected to make a stop in Wisconsin sometime this week, possibly on Saturday.

On Tuesday, Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan will make two stops in Wisconsin while Romney will visit Ohio — both candidates call the visits storm relief-related.

Ryan’s travels through his home state includes stopping by the La Crosse Victory Center in La Crosse, Wisconsin and the Hudson Victory Center in Hudson, Wisconsin, “where he will thank volunteers who are delivering or collecting items for storm relief efforts,” according to the campaign.

President Obama canceled a visit planned for Green Bay on Tuesday. Clinton though will be in Minneapolis Tuesday morning, then head to Duluth, MN and then to Colorado.