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Brandon Marshall thinks Bears offense is "close" to be explosive

After an aggressive offseason, the Bears offense was projected to establish itself among the league’s elite.

Through seven games, though, the Bears offense isn’t among the league-leaders in any meaningful category, other than rushing yards per game (9th).

But new Bears receiver Brandon Marshall thinks the unit is about to make a turn.

“We’re close to being a really explosive group,” Marshall said. “We’re close to being effective in each phase of the game on offense. I know we’re working hard to get where we want to be.

?Will we be the No. 1 offense? I don’t know about that. It’s our first year for all of us being together but we have the ability to be a really great, explosive offense. I think that will come sooner than later.”

No. 1 is far-fetched, but they certainly should be better than 26th. Last season, the offense ranked 24th overall in yards.

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is now working his third offensive coordinator, and he remains hopeful that the offense will start to find more success under Mike Tice. But he’s not sure what the future holds.

“We could be playing this type of ball in December. I don’t know. I can’t tell the future,” he said. “All I know is offensively, we’re going to try to get better, I’m going to try to get better each week and each day, and I know the guys that we have in that room are going to try to get better.

“I believe in our coaches and the system we have. They’re going to do the best possible job they can to put us in situations to be successful.”