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Following the Duckworth-Walsh debate on Storify

[View the story “The Duckworth-Walsh Debate from Rolling Meadows” on Storify]

The Duckworth-Walsh Debate from Rolling Meadows

Chicago Sun-Times reporter Natasha Korecki will be following tonight’s debate in Illinois’ 8th Congressional District, pitting Joe Walsh against Tammy Duckworth. Follow her reports from the debate, as well as others, here, at, at, and on Twitter.

Storified by Chicago Sun-Times · Tue, Oct 09 2012 15:37:30

Duckworth, Walsh to debate in Rolling Meadows TuesdayA major makeover project, which will cost $203 million, is coming to the CTA’s Wilson Red Line station. A major makeover project, which w…Video: Dems use "loud" Joe Walsh clips to slam three IL GOP congressional candidates. Sun-Times Politics: koreckiDem PAC pumps $2.4 million to attack Illinois Republicans in three key races – Sun-Times Politics: koreckiPrevious debates and history

This will not be the first debate between Rep. Walsh and Tammy Duckworth. This video is from earlier this year:Rep Joe Walsh Debates Tammy Duckworth 5 11 12csteventucker