Tim Dobbins insists he didn’t hit Jay Cutler in the head

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Houston Texans Tim Dobbins is a native of Nashville who played his collegiate ball at Iowa State.

Frankly, I’ve barely heard of him, but he’s a seventh-year veteran who made his 21st career start Sunday night.

But Dobbins is delusional, based on his comments after the game.

He, of course, drilled Jay Cutler in the second quarter, as the Bears quarterback neared/ crossed the line of scrimmage. Just as he released a pass to Devin Hester for a 42-yard gain, Dobbins drilled Cutler. Replay after replay showed Cutler’s helmet crunching upward, and Dobbins leading with his own helmet. The officials even flagged him for a personal foul.

Dobbins believe he was wronged.

“I just felt like he was going to take off running with the ball and I thought he was past the line,” Dobbins said. “I did not hit him in his head.

“And actually, he did. He ran into me! How bout that?”

There’s more.

“I thought it was a bad flag because I really didn’t even hit him,” he said, “nor did I lead with my head.”

Dobbins also said he wasn’t aware that Cutler left the game or that he had a concussion.

Is he worried about a fine from the NFL?

“I’m definitely worried about it but I feel like it was clean,” Dobbins said. “I did not hit him in the head, nor did I lead with my helmet.”

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