The Evening Rush for November 16, 2012

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Here are some of the stories that caught our attention during the work day for November 16, 2012.

Sun-Times Photo/Brian Jackson

Yes, yes, there’s a lot happening in the world today but the focus here at home is the closing of Hostess, a union-busting power play that’s been bungled from a PR perspective by the union as nearly 1,500 people in Illinois – and 18,000 nationwide – will lose their jobs. Also, no more Twinkies and people are already selling the snacks for $1,000 on Craigslist because people are dumb but know that even dumber people will buy them. The cackling you heard this afternoon was coming from the Little Debbie HQ. [Sun-Times; L.A. Mag; Storify]

Da coach’s son tested positive for da opiates. [Sun-Times]

The CTA doesn’t realize its service is a good enough deterrent to using it, decides to padlock and emergency exit anyway. [Chicagoist]

If you bought furniture from IKEA during the 1980’s, there’s a chance it was made by East German work-camp prisoners, something for which the company finally apologized today. The Proletariat was not available for comment. [Tribune]

The Drew Peterson circus continues as his attorneys have filed for a new trial claiming previous lead attorney Joel Brodsky fouled the case up. [ABC 7]

A Valparaiso, Indiana couple has been accused of being the worst people in the world. [CBS 2]

Bad news: there will be no Cutler for the Bears on Monday night. Good news: there will be no Cutler for the Bears on Monday night. [Sun-Times]

The Bulls are building something else they can put a Michael Jordan statue in front of which is a bummer because everyone knows Luc Longley deserves a staute, too. [Bulls]

Bright One: Neil Steinberg takes umbrage with Mitt Romney’s sour election grapes. [Sun-Times]

Then & Now: Western Avenue. [WBEZ]

FINALLY: The Taliban has idiot emailers, too! [ABC News]

The Latest
The children who died were 4, 6 and 11. The child’s mother was badly burned and inhaled smoke, likely while trying to find her children in their bedrooms, fire officials say
McKinley Park’s MAT Asphalt, others will have to resubmit bids later this year after new public health recommendations are issued.
Who has time to think about the NBA? The former Ramblers big man feels the need to lead — youth players — and is starting the Krutwig Basketball Academy.
The officers were biking in Trumbull Park when someone opened fire Tuesday afternoon in the 10500 block of South Oglesby Avenue, police said.
A good number of those who get help from abortion funds are young, people of color or are already parents.