Stuff ‘It’s Thanksgiving’ -- here’s a turkey-free playlist

SHARE Stuff ‘It’s Thanksgiving’ -- here’s a turkey-free playlist

Remember how much you hated “Friday”? Better bite a turkey leg — Thursday is even worse.

The latest song so horrible we can’t stop circulating is “It’s Thanksgiving,” a game but lame attempt at crafting a pop song about America’s harvest holiday.

The “artist” is some bland young thing named Nicole Westbrook. The writer and producer is Patrice Wilson, the Jigsaw-esque villain who also crafted “Friday” for Rebecca Black.

Amazingly, “It’s Thanksgiving” is worse than “Friday.” Its substance, as you might imagine, is just a wafer thin, and by the end of it you’re gonna need a bucket.

The well-circulated video shows Westbrook, a blemishless teen in a blemishless suburban house, making a meal by pouring a lot of processed food out of sacks. Whatever you do, watch until she raps.

Sigh. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, probably because it’s such a music-free zone. Warmth, thanks, fatty feasts — it’s not an occasion that begs for pop music. Plenty of good, applicable songs exist, but it’s not a hit zone. WLIT isn’t going all-Thanksgiving music this week.

But there’s plenty of music to enjoy as the family gathers, and here’s a humbly submitted playlist for your potato-mashing pleasure:

(Note: Alas, Spotify doesn’t have everything, and Ray Davies’ sublimely grumpy, British take on “Thanksgiving Day” really belongs here.)

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