Jay Cutler “felt bad” for Jason Campbell

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Jay Cutler had a lot of empathy for his replacement Monday night in San Francisco.

Veteran Jason Campbell completed just 14 of 22 passes for 107 yards with one touchdown, two interceptions and lost one of two fumbles. Campbell also was sacked six times and pressured in 11 other instances.

“I felt bad for the guy. It’s a hard situation to be in,” Cutler said on ESPN 1000. “I think backup quarterback is one of the best jobs and one of the worst jobs. It’s a tough, tough gig, whenever the guy [the starter] goes down.

“Especially a veteran like him. He’s expected to perform at a high level. But I don’t think [the offense] gave him a fair shot.”

Campbell called the “worst nightmare.”

Top receiver Brandon Marshall was targeted just four times, catching two passes for 21 yards, including a 13-yard touchdown.

In the final minutes, cameras showed Marshall having an animated discussion with a teammate.

“I was a little frustrated because I didn’t make the play,” Marshall said, referring to the final pass intended for him in the game, late in the fourth quarter. “They told me to get back and I actually hurt my shoulder.

“I was telling the guys I hurt my shoulder. I actually told them ‘I’m grown’ that is the big line a lot of us use ‘I’m a grown man.’ It was one of those games where things were just going wrong for us. I have to do a better job when I am frustrated of not letting it show. I definitely let the team down. I should have made that play and I didn’t.”

Cutler said he’s already talked to Marshall and “we’re all good.”

“When I’m there, things go a little bit smoother for Brandon. He’s a receiver. He’s like any high-end receiver,” Cutler said. “If they don’t get the ball, they get frustrated… then they get mad. Just throw him the ball, and they’ll be happy. Most of the time, they’ll make plays for you.”

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