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The other day I swung by Walgreens, looking for an anniversary card for a couple whod made it to their 50th. Instead I found this:

It occurs to me that the solution indicates the problem in this instance. If your communication skills are sufficiently poor such that you turn to Hallmark to choose your words for you, yeah, your relationship probably is troubled. Still, the specificity of the offerings inspired me.

Every generic Holiday Gift Guide out there might urge you to buy dad that silky tie with the lighthouse motif, but this year Our Town offers up gift options as unique as your friends and loved ones. Not only that but theyre all Chicago-made. Take a gander. But only with his consent. That was a livestock joke. Because we here at Our Town are pretty unique ourselves.

The Our Town 2012 Holiday Gift Guide:

For The Recently Divorced Yogi-Bibliophile: A copy of Chicago Writer Jac Jemc’s spare novel about a man fixated on his wife’s disappearance will make your friend’s relationship woes seem negligible.

For best results, combine with 21st Century Yoga. Edited by Chicagoan Carol Horton, this anthology offers a multi-faceted examination of yoga as it exists in the Western World today.

For the lesbian who claims to be adventurous but in reality requires a professional to curate her sex life: Chicago’s Early to Bed created this unique bi-monthly subscription service which provides subscribers with a hand-picked selection of thrilling items.

For the small child or illiterate adult: Whether you’re learning to read at at six or forty-six, this fine art print by Chicago artist Chai Wolfman will delight and educate.

For the environmentalist who measures your love by the jewelry you give her. Jewelry maker Rebecca Zemens creates unique jewelry from recycled silver and gold out of her Ravenswood studio. Nothing says “I love you, you materialistic tree-hugger” like this Comet Cluster Cuff made out of hammered sterling silver.

For the guy who won’t quite posting pictures of his food on facebook and cackles when he hears the word ‘homo‘ but in a totally evolved way: Based in Chicago Mess Hall and Co. offers this selection exclusively for the holidays. Included you’ll find Cocktail Cherries, Ghost Pepper Mustard, limited edition Apple Rum Butter and more.

Photo by Hans Sundquist

Throw in this free download from Chicago band, The Retar Crew.

For Your Occult-loving Grandmother who has a sense of humor about her racism: This hand painted Tarot deck presents a fresh approach to the intuitive arts. Chicago Musician, Rebecca Schoenecker has created a contemporary 78 card deck that while traditional in meaning and use, presents a highly personal vision.

Add this Spilled Ink Press‘s Christmas Greeting card to give Grandma a big laugh.

All right Our Towners (Our Townees?), if that doesn’t take care of everyone on your gift list, it’s time to start making new friends who conveniently fit our descriptions. Because that’s what the holidays are really about.

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