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Mayor mum on alleged racially hostile workplace at ThyssenKrupp

Mayor Rahm Emanuel official City Hall photo

Mayor Rahm Emanuel refused to weigh in Saturday night about allegations of racial discrimination levied against ThyssenKrupp, a German conglomerate that last week agreed to make Chicago its North American regional headquarters.

The Sun-Times reported Saturday that the Illinois Department of Human Rights ruled Nov. 3 that ThyssenKrupp – an international global technology and materials group employing 180,000 people in 80 countries – created a hostile work environment at a Chicago office where employees allegedly made racially disparaging comments that included frequent use of the n-word.

The department found “substantial evidence of discrimination.”

Emanuel, who attended a Museum of Contemporary Art fundraiser Saturday night, was tight-lipped when asked about the findings.

He said he would respond to the allegations, “when the time is right,” and referred a reporter to a previous statement from his office that stressed that Chicago has “zero tolerance for prejudice.”

The Sun-Times asked Emanuel how the city would react, in light of that policy, if the allegations against the German company prove true. He again declined to comment.