Warrants issued for Dominick’s wife, nephew

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Cicero town president Larry Dominick leaves the Dirksen Federal Building, 219 S. Dearborn, with wife Elizabeth at day’s end Tuesday July 5, 2011. He is fighting a federal civil suit filed by plaintiff Merced Rojas. | Rich Hein~Sun-Times

A judge has issued warrants for the arrests of the wife and nephew of Cicero Town President Larry Dominick after both failed to show up in court and pay their fines when they were ticketed in connection with a jet ski accident last summer near Dominick’s lakefront vacation home, the Chicago Sun-Times has learned.

A Boone County judge issued an arrest warrant a little more than a month ago for Dominick’s wife, Elizabeth, who Dominick hired as the town’s health department director after they were married in December 2006. The same judge issued a warrant for the arrest of their nephew, Joseph M. Terrana, 41, a convicted thief.

It’s the latest legal woe for Terrana, who was fired from the Town of Cicero last week from his job as a part-time driver after the Chicago Sun-Times revealed he had been arrested for allegedly stealing nearly $300 worth of beer over two days at the same Jewel in Stickney, using a Town of Cicero car. Terrana has denied the charges, which have been upgraded to felonies.

Terrana was originally hired as a town garbage man in 2007 after his aunt, Elizabeth, married Dominick. Terrana was forced out of his Cicero job in 2009 after alleged improprieties, then fired from another government job in 2010, as a janitor at a Cicero high school district, after testing positive for five illegal substances, school records show. The Town of Cicero rehired him early last year as a part-time driver for people with disabilities.

Both Elizabeth Dominick and Terrana were ticketed after Terrana and Dominick’s teenage son were involved in a jet ski accident on the private lake behind the Dominick home in a gated neighborhood in Poplar Grove, about 70 miles northwest of Chicago.

Larry and Elizabeth Dominick bought the lakefront home for $313,000 in November 2008, records show.

The couple made the purchase after Larry Dominick sold his modest house in Stickney the year before for $230,000, about $100,000 more than he paid for it. The buyer was his good friend, George Hunter, an unlicensed plumber and convicted deadbeat dad. At the time, Hunter was receiving a $1.8 million windfall from the Town of Cicero in sewer and plumbing work, without ever submitting any bids or signing any contracts.

As for the arrest warrants, Elizabeth Dominick was ticketed last year by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources for allowing her teenage son to drive an unregistered jet ski without supervision or proper training.

Cicero Town Spokesman Ray Hanania said Friday that Elizabeth Dominick was never notified of any tickets or court hearings. The Dominicks paid a $500 fine and believed that ended the matter, Hanania said.

“If there is an outstanding fine or fee that must be paid, they will pay it on Monday. This happens to families often on vacation, and she has no problem taking care of her son and their responsibilities,” Hanania said.

Terrana got tickets for careless operation of an unregistered jet ski. He could not be reached for comment.

Terrana and Dominick’s son were both allegedly going faster than they should have on the jet skis and had been previously warned, authorities said.

The warrants are in effect in eight counties in Northern Illinois but do not extend to Cook County, so Terrana and Dominick appear safe from arrest if they stay near home.

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