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Spiaggia's Sarah Grueneberg heads into the “Top Chef” finals

TOP CHEF -- "Bike, Borrow or Steal" Episode 913 -- Pictured: Sarah Grueneberg -- Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo

Chicago chef Sarah Grueneberg turned up the heat to win a cool victory on “Top Chef” Wednesday, securing her a spot in next week’s finals.

In a fire-and-ice-themed elimination challenge, Grueneberg, 30, tapped into her Spiaggia roots and whipped up a winning handmade cannelloni pasta and cold – almost too cold – mousse.

The Texas native will face off next week against another Texan: Paul Qui. Contestant Lindsay Autry had to pack her knives and go, just like five other Chicago chefs who competed throughout this ninth season of Bravo’s cooking contest.

During Wednesday’s quickfire challenge, the three contestants were paired with guest chefs, including Chicago’s Takashi Yagihashi. Grueneberg wound up being paired with New York chef Floyd Cardoz, and they turned out to be a good match. Their cod with coconut curry and crab netted her a cool $20,000.

Grueneberg has been raking in the cash since the competition moved from Texas to Canada. So far, she’s won $30,000, which should come in handy for her July wedding to Purple Pig sous chef Jaime Canete.