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Road rage suspect held on $250,000 for ramming car until it broke down

Michael Bambouyani headshot. Archived on Sunday, March 25, 2012 | Chicago Police photo

A booze-reeking road rager had rammed their car so many times that it broke down in the middle of the street, prosecutors say.

But if the driver and two passengers inside the disabled 1995 Nissan Altima thought their terrifying Saturday night ordeal was over when their attacker drove off, they were wrong.

Serial motoring offender Michael Bambouyani, 25, wasn’t trying to escape – he was giving himself a run-up for one last attack, prosecutors said in court Sunday.

Bambouyani drove down the 3900 block of North Laramie, made a U-turn then stood on the gas to build up as much speed as he could before smashing into the Altima a final time, it’s alleged.

The force of the collision deployed the airbags in the Altima and left all three people inside the Nissan requiring hospital treatment, according to a police report.

Their nightmare had begun minutes earlier around 9:30 p.m. Saturday when Bambouyani, of the 5900 block of Irving Park, slowly crossing the street on foot, got into an argument with the driver of the Nissan, prosecutors say. Bambouyani jumped into his SUV and chased down the Nissan, ramming it repeatedly from the front and back until it couldn’t drive, it’s alleged.

Arrested at the scene, he was “highly agitated and belligerent” and stank of alcohol but refused to take a sobriety test or a Breathalyzer, telling cops “I’m not hearing you” and later urinating on the floor and wiping blood on the walls of the police station, according to a police report.

His shirt and suit were bloodstained in court Sunday. He has two prior DUIs, two prior leaving-the-scene cases and has been stripped of his license for “habitually being in violation of motor vehicle laws,” prosecutors said.