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Brothers recreate Daylight Savings Time photo

Doug Edwards (top) and his brother Hank recreate a 1961 Sun-Times photo by Joe Kordick.

Marshall Field’s is now Macy’s, there’s a new building across the street that houses the Joffrey Ballet and Hank Edwards’ hair is almost all gone.

But 51 years on, the famous clock at State and Randolph still remains. So brothers Hank Edwards, 64, and Doug Edwards, 57, thought it would be fun to re-create the image Chicago Sun-Times photographer Joe Kordick shot of them on Oct. 27, 1961. In that picture, Doug is sitting on Hank’s shoulders and pointing to the clock – with a caption reminding readers that Daylight Savings Time was set to end the following day.

At the time, the Edwards family lived in Dyer, Ind., and were spending the day in the big city.

A few weeks ago, Doug Edwards, who lives in Munster, Ind., and Hank Edwards, who lives Plano, Texas, were back in Chicago for a visit and re-created the 1961 photograph.

This time, though, Doug Edwards didn’t climb onto his older brother’s shoulders. They faked it with the use of a stool.

“I weigh too much – I would have broken his back,” Doug Edwards joked.

Stefano Esposito