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WGN-TV News anchor Mark Suppelsa to enter alcohol rehab program

Mark Suppelsa

WGN-TV Channel 9 news anchor Mark Suppelsa plans to take a month off work to enter an alcohol recovery program, the news station announced on its website Friday.

In a letter to WGN-TV’s staff, Suppelsa said he’s “felt for some time that this would become necessary and I’ve now crossed a bridge in my life where I want and need to do this.”

Suppelsa said it’s his own choice to enter the program, located in Minnesota.

“Simply put, I have been abusing alcohol at the end of my work day as my family slept,” Suppelsa wrote. “It was my secret and I became very accomplished at hiding it. I do my best to function at a high level and I know that it is my responsibility to correct anything that potentially interferes with my family or my work.”

Suppelsa, who co-anchors the 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. newscasts, joined WGN-TV in July 2008.

“We are supportive of Mark’s efforts to deal with this issue and look forward to his return,” WGN-TV Vice President and General Manager Marty Wilke said on the station’s website. “We, and he, appreciate the support from our viewers.”