Maurice Jones-Drew: “You always want to be the main guy”

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Jacksonville Jaguars All-Pro running back Maurice Jones-Drew respects new Bears running back Michael Bush. Jones-Drew also, obviously, respects Bears starting running back Matt Forte, one of his close NFL friends.

But Jones-Drew said in a video teleconference Wednesday night that any running back prefers to be the featured back in an act.

“You always want to be the main guy,” Jones-Drew said. “It’s something every kid dreams of being. No one ever dreams of being the backup.

“What I told [Forte] was, ‘It’s going to be a healthy competition, because you know Michael Bush is going to come in, wanting take your job, and you have to fend him off.’ ”

Jones-Drew said he had to do that with Rashad Jennings, his backup in Jacksonville, who has averaged a healthy 5.4 yards per run.

“It’s been a tough job for me,” Jones-Drew said of holding off Jennings. “But that’s how you have to perform. If you don’t perform, they’re going to find someone else that can do your job for you. I think Matt Forte is going to do a great job. He’s up for the competition. I expect great things for him.”

Jones-Drew is currently holding out, insisting that the Jaguars re-work a contract that is scheduled to play him $4.45 million this season.

But on Wednesday night, Jones-Drew attracted a media crowd during a DirecTV promotional appearance via, a video teleconferencing site. The primary function was for Jones-Drew to answer fantasy football questions, although he fielded some general ones, as well.

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