Crazy Clothes Time

The trip to Baltimore and Detroit will see the White Sox dressing in “far out” 1970s attire for the trip, their first “funny attire” episode that most teams have during a season.

“It was hatched a while ago,” manager Robin Ventura said. “They’re in need of some loosening of the restraints right now. So they’re dressing in some loud-mouth clothing.

“I haven’t worn any of that–but I’m wearing it today,” he said. “They made sure I wasn’t missing out. Nobody is missing out.”

Ventura said the antics are part of baseball tradition.

“Even [when I played] we did stuff like this, whether it’s rookie stuff or guys doing stuff. We always [did.] It’s fun to just be able to do it and loosen them up and let them have a little fun.”

Outlandish pants seemed to be the prevailing attire.

“You know we’re all fans because anytime you get out of wearing a suit, we’re up for it,” Paul Konerko said. “It’s pretty light and everybody’s having a good time with it. I just went with the opposite of what I would normally do,” he said of his black checkered pants. “If we had more time to really accessorize and get into it, I might have come up with something better. I think everybody was on short notice so we did the best we could. The pants themselves are pretty loud. It’s all in good fun.”

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