Ventura awaits word on post-ejection discipline

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Umpire Jim Joyce may have been trying to act as peacemaker Saturday in separating White Sox manager Robin Ventura from umpire Lance Barrett after he ejected catcher A.J. Pierzynski.

But rules say no physical contact is allowed on an umpire, which could mean a suspension for the Sox manager.

“I had no issue with what Jim was doing. He’s doing his job and I’m doing mine,” Ventura said Sunday. “I even told him that I don’t want to bump you. He said `you’re not bumping me.’ If was more of a dance than a bump.”

Ventura will await MLB’s decision on any fine or suspension. Barrett ejected Pierzynski in the third inning after apparently arguing a ball call. Ventura rushed to Pierzynski’s defense, leading to his ejection, the third of the season.

Sox starter Jose Quintana seemed to turn around after the ejection, getting his first two strikeouts after a three-run first inning.

Ventura was more impressed at how the rookie regained his composure overall.

“You’re talking about tough kids with the ability to bounce back,” he said. “That first inning was tough and he didn’t have the location he wanted. But he’s been that way the whole time he’s been up here. He’s been able to bounce back and grind it out.

“You look at a kid like him and I’m sure he hasn’t had an easy day in his whole life. It’s kind of his makeup.”


Ray Olmedo was at second base in Sunday’s lineup with Gordon Beckham getting a day off. The infield is where Olmedo is most comfortable–but he has a catcher’s mitt and shin guard gear now as well.

Olmedo is the emergency back-up catcher and was ready Saturday in case he was needed behind Tyler Flowers. Flowers went into the game after Pierzynski was ejected.

“You never say `no’ to baseball, never,” he said.

Olmedo has played in the outfield as well, but he has been catching in the bullpen at times since joining the Sox July 29 from Class AAA Charlotte.

“He was putting on his gear when I was walking around in the clubhouse,” Ventura said. “It’s one thing on paper. It’s a whole other thing to see him walking around in the gear.”


Dayan Viciedo was still getting treatment on his right shoulder Sunday after feeling discomfort before Saturday’s game.

“I can hit but not throw,” he said, adding he was hopeful about playing again Monday.

“I don’t like putting him right back in [the lineup],” Ventura said. “I don’t think it’s serious but we’ll give him some time with [trainer] Herm [Schneider.]”


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