Republican National Convention Day 4 speeches - liveblog

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The speeches: Day 4 of the Republican National Convention

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9:02 | Clint Eastwood takes the stage with a giant Outlaw Josey Wales image as the backdrop.Eastwood speech draws mixed reaction at RNC – Sun-Times PoliticsPrior to Clint Eastwood’s reported speech at the Republican National Convention, The Hollywood Reporter talked delegates and got mixed re…9:02 | Chants of “USA!, USA!, USA!” echo through the halls after Romney tribute.8:55 | Lots of memories of raising the five boys, with Ann often on her own as Mitt travelled for his career. Mitt to Ann: “Remember, what you’re doing is more important than what I’m doing.”8:51 | Tribute video to Mitt Romney – heavy on Olympics turnaround, dealing with Ann’s multiple sclerosis and his life with his soul mate.Sweet blog Mitt Romney acceptance speech: Excerpts Sweet8:46 | Ladies and gentlemen, the musical stylings of Democrat R&B singer Bebe Winans.Watch American Idol Winner Taylor Hicks Sing at RNCpbsnewshourTaylor Hicks Taking it to the Street #gop2012 korecki8:27 | American Idol season 5 winner Taylor Hicks breaks out his Michael McDonald inner self with the Doobie Brothers’ “Takin’ it to the Streets.Watch the RNC Video Tribute To Ronald Reagan’s PresidencypbsnewshourThe Republican National Convention was treated to a tribute to Ronald Reagan, but not to a hologram Reagan . . .Sorry, no Ronald Reagan hologram at the RNC – Sun-Times PoliticsIn this July 17, 1980, file photo, Republican presidential candidate Ronald Reagan stands before a cheering Republican National Conventio…Many people sitting in Illinois delegation sneaking a profile shot of Chris Christie. #GOP2012natasha koreckiChris Christie standing as he watches tonight’s speeches. #GOP2012 koreckiGOP convention: a giant screen says "Bain Capital, building business." minority biz owner speaking now #GOP2012natasha koreckiTom Stemberg, Founder of Staples now talking about "how Mitt Romney helped keep it alive." #GOP2012natasha koreckiWatch the RNC Video Featuring Hispanic PoliticianspbsnewshourCraig Romney: ‘It Needs To Be About Como Se Puede’ (How Can We?)pbsnewshourCraig Romney shows off his Spanish fluency – Sun-Times PoliticsSaying he spent the last two years working in Chile, one of Mitt Romney’s sons, Craig, reached out to Hispanics Thursday night, speaking …Former Mass. Lt. Gov. Healey: Romney ‘Worked Harder Than Anyone I Know’pbsnewshour

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