Saturday weather at Lollapalooza: Emergency plans

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Be ready for rough weather tonight, Paloozers.

Forecasts call for severe thunderstorms — a 75 percent chance as of noon, and radar shows a colorful squall line already charging east across Iowa. Last year, thunderstorms blew through on the third day of the festival, merely slowing down a few bands including the Foo Fighters, but organizers tell the Sun-Times they’re prepared for any eventuality.

What follows are details from the on-site emergency plan according to information this morning from Lollapalooza producers C3 Presents, as well as a few personal tips:

There’s a real-time weather station on site at Lollapalooza. Follow its data here.

In case of high winds:

The plan instructs staff to secure items that could be blown around (trash cans, etc.). If it gets windy but not so much that the park should be evacuated, staff is instructed to create “safe areas” around any structure that might come tumbling down as a result.

In case of lightning:

Good advice: “Tents, trees and picnic shelters offer little or no protection from lightning. Therefore it is imperative that in the event of lightning in the area that patrons are directed to one of the safe shelter sites until the lightning danger has passed.” If lightning-detection equipment on site gets crackling, the crowd may be moved within the park or evacuated.

In case of evacuation:

If officials determine that the park should be evacuated, they’re going to make the announcement via audio and video, then direct us toward three primary locations: the Grant Park North Garage (25 N. Michigan), the Grant Park South Garage (325 S. Michigan) and the East Monroe St. Garage (5 S. Columbus, with an entrance on Michigan). Look for the signs, blue with white letters, that say “Weather Shelter.”

A few tips of my own when facing rain at the fest:

— Wear real shoes. Stop wearing sandals and flip-flops, you crazy people.

— Umbrellas are (a) useless in the crowd and (b) obnoxious to those behind you. Get a cheap drugstore poncho. Covers completely and allows you to move.

— Plastic bags for protecting phones, cameras, etc. Take an extra that contains dry socks.

— The weather comes from the west. Seek shelter in a tent with an opening on the west side and you’ve sought no shelter at all.

— Safety first. Live to rock another day.

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