Moore has problem with Cutler’s antics

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While there was a lot of tip-toeing going on around Halas Hall on Monday afternoon, cornerback D.J. Moore seldom does things quietly.

Asked about quarterback Jay Cutler and his sideline tirade on tackle J’Marcus Webb in the Thursday night nationally televised loss to Green Bay, Moore pulled no punches, starting with the criticism Cutler seems to be getting not only by a lot of the local media, but national media.

“What did he do? Did he shove the guy? Oh yeah,” Moore said sarcastically. “[I think the criticism is warranted] man. I don’t think you can act like that, though. To make it seem like it’s just my fault or what not, I think it’s just wrong, though honestly. I would feel a certain way if he did me like that, to make it seem like, ‘Well, the reason I’m having a bad game is because is what you’re doing and not about me taking accountability for myself because I’m throwing these type of passes and doing these type of reads.’ It’s a tough situation.”

Asked if Cutler is under a different set of rules because he is the quarterback of the team, Moore said, “Sometimes, but when you act like that, though, with your own teammates on the sideline, it’s just something different that you normally wouldn’t do. You might say it in the locker room or something, but to do it like he did, that’s something different. It’s just weird.

“I didn’t know it really happened until I looked on TV, and it kind of made you feel a certain way a little bit. But he is what he is. He’s always been that way, and I wouldn’t expect him to change.”

Asked if someone needed to talk to him about it or is quarterback one untouchable, Moore said, “The quarterback? Quarterback and he makes a lot of money, and he can throw the ball? He’ll be alright. He’s throw a couple passes and they’ll forget about it next week.”

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