Brian Urlacher downplays Webb-Cutler incident

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Bears middle linebacker Brian Urlacher said he’s “seen a lot worse” on the sidelines than the incident between Jay Cutler and J’Marcus Webb in Green Bay last wee.

“I still haven’t seen the video of what happened. I know this much: things happen on the sidelines,” Urlacher told St. Louis area media Wednesday. “I’ve seen a lot worse things go on, on the sidelines. It’s not a big deal around here. We’ve seen stuff like that happen before. It just got made a big deal of because it was on Thursday night football, so it got a little blown out of proportion.

“But it’s not a big deal. I think we’ve got it all panned out and we’re moving on now.”

Here are some other thoughts from Urlacher during that conference call:

* On the pressure on the defense: “We always feel that way. We always feel like we have to get more takeaways, more sacks, more big plays. We always feel that way on defense no matter what the situation is, whether we score 50 points or we score 10 points. We feel like we’ve got to get takeaways and get sacks on defense and that’s always been our, kind of, motto around here is to get takeaways, and we’ll have a chance to win every game.”

* On how knee surgery: “Well, that was a long time ago. I feel good. I’ve been able to play since then, so I feel really good about that.”

* On the Rams: “They’re a good football team. They’re physical on both sides of the ball. I’ve watched them on TV a little bit with us having some time off, but they’re a good football team. It’s a big challenge for us on defense because they are pretty physical up front and they have some good skill players. So, it’s a big challenge for us.”

* On playing for the Bears: “As a defensive player, in my position, there’s no other place I think you’d want to play. This is a place you want to be, not only as a middle linebacker, but as a defensive player. Our fans love defense. It’s just what people think about when they think of the Bears for some reason. We’re lucky to be a part of that, I think, just playing here. Even when you lose, which we’ve had some bad years around here when I’ve been here, the fans still cheer for you. That’s always been a good thing around here.”

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