Wild of the Week: Turkey on the Fox

SHARE Wild of the Week: Turkey on the Fox
SHARE Wild of the Week: Turkey on the Fox

Brad Neyman emailed, “I shot a turkey . . . with my camera phone!”

He was fly fishing for smallmouth bass on the west side of the Fox River near Batavia when it appeared.

“After one particularly poor cast, I looked self-consciously over my shoulder and saw this gal,” he emailed.

Let’s stop right there for a second. That sentence alone nailed me. I have been in spot of making an embarrassing cast while fly fishing and looking around just hoping nobody saw it.

Neyman continued, “There’s a biking/walking path directly behind her up the hill, which can be quite busy on a nice day. Because of this, I think, she barely acknowledged me even when I gave a yip to get her to stand up for a better shot.”

In many ways, wild turkeys are making similar advances toward and into suburban and urban areas as deer and coyotes.

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