Democratic National Convention Day 2 liveblog - the speeches

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The speeches – Day 2 of the Democratic National Convention liveblog

The speakers of Day 2 of the Democratic National Convention with reporting by Chicago Sun-Times staff members.

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Elizabeth Warren calls Hillary Clinton: “One of the coolest women on the planet.” #DNCnatasha korecki9:16 | “I’m Elizabeth Warren, and this is my first Democratic Convention,” the candidate for Senate from Massachusetts says to loud chants of WAR-REN, WAR-REN!9:15 | Sinegal closes: I’m here tonight because Costco’s story is the American story. ]President Obama] deserves four more years to finish the story.Former Costco CEO Jim Sinegal says of Obama: “A president who takes the long view and makes the tough decisions"natasha koreckiNow Costco CEO saying the company had success “in bulk” under Democratic leadership. #DNCnatasha korecki9:08 | Jim Sinegal, CEO of CostcoWomen’s Rights Activist Sandra Fluke: ‘This November, Each of Us Must Speak Up’pbsnewshour9:08 | “It’s now time to choose” ends Fluke to a standing ovation.Fluke: “Instead of trying to silence her, you invite me here and give me a microphone to amplify our voice” #DNCnatasha koreckiFluke “Our president, when he hears a young woman has been verbally attacked, thinks of his daughters, not his delegates or donors.” #DNCnatasha koreckiSandra Fluke: “I’m here because I spoke out.” #DNCnatasha koreckiSandra Fluke, who Rush Limbaugh called a “slut” gets an extended standing ovation. #DNCnatasha koreckiNBC news reports that Fluke’s speaking slot was slid at last moment to primetime to give her a more prominent role.9:01 | Sandra Fluke, the law student Rush Limbaugh called a “slut” draws standing ovation as she comes to the podium.#dnc2012 state rep Illinois Linda chapa lavia wearing cubs shirt on floor SweetWhen it comes to jobless workers, Romney “likes to fire people”? False. #DNC2012PolitiFactFormer Employees of Companies Controlled by Bain Capital Speak at DNCpbsnewshourAnother worker saying that Bain Capital shut down her plant and drove her company into bankruptcy. #DNCnatasha koreckiFormer Bain Capital worker: “Mitt Romney will stick it to working people. Barack Obama sticking up for working people!” #DNCnatasha koreckiUnited Auto Workers President Bob King: President Obama ‘Stood with American Workers’pbsnewshourInteresting how convention planners skipped over Sandra Fluke, the law student Limbaugh called a “slut.” Must mean she’ll get bigger role.Dave McKinneyWatch DNC Video and Speaker: “An Economy Built to Last: Auto-Industry"pbsnewshourBig cheers from the convention floor as video touting Obama’s auto-industry bailout. Everyone waving signs “1.1 million auto jobs saved"Dave McKinneyActress and Talk Show Host Christina Saralegui: ‘Don’t Boo, Vote’pbsnewshourCristina Saralegui, described by some as the “Spanish Oprah,” has the Dem convention crowd captivated.Dave McKinneyCristina Saralegui: “Let’s do this together""Palante!” #DNCnatasha koreckiTalk Show Host Cristina Saralegui, huge in the Latin community w/100 million viewers says of Obama; “he is on our side.” #DNCnatasha koreckiPlanned Parenthood President Cecile Richards Address Democratic ConventionpbsnewshourPlanned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards on Republicans: “It’s like we woke up in a bad episode of Mad Men” #DNCnatasha koreckiPlanned Parenthood prez Cecile Richards gets a standing ovation at the mention of her late mom, Texas Gov. Ann Richards. #DNCnatasha koreckiPlanned Parenthood: “Thanks to Barack Obama, being a woman is no longer a pre-existing condition in America.” #DNCnatasha koreckiRep. Nancy Pelosi Says to Romney’s Policies: ‘It’s Just Plain Wrong’pbsnewshourPelosi: “President Obama has focused on jobs from day one.” #DNCnatasha koreckiDem leaders not afraid to utter the word: “hope.” Case in point now, Nancy Pelosi. #DNCnatasha koreckiRep. Emanuel Cleaver II to Congress: ‘We Will Never Be Better Off Without Being Better’pbsnewshourU.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver dialed up the energy level in the Times Forum #DNCnatasha koreckiIllinois delegates erupt to a rousing speech from US Rep Emanuel Cleaver Jr (D-MO),who says of his party: “We are one!” McKinneyRep. Emanuel Cleaver of Missouri God didn’t burden America with different backgrounds and religions, “he BLESSED America.” #DNCnatasha koreckiRep. Chuck Schumer: Romney Sending Us ‘Backwards’pbsnewshourSmall Business Owner Speaks to Democratic Convention in Support of President ObamapbsnewshourRep Diana DeGette said Romney-Ryan support policy that would ban in vitro fertiliz. We looked at similar claim earlier: rep. Luis Gutierrez d-Illinois right after his democratic convention speech SweetSweet blog Rep. Luis Gutierrez Democratic Convention speech. Text Sweet#DNC2012 Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) at the convention say Mitt obstructionist on immigration reformLynn Sweet#DNC2012 Rep. Luis Gutierrez delivering impassioned speech for Obama in English and Spanish. Obama took “bold action” for immigrantsLynn SweetLuis Gutierrez talks says there’s countless stories about injustices done to immigrants: “Good people, torn apart.” #DNC2012natasha koreckiCongressman Luis Gutierrez: “Democrats will fight for comprehensive immigration reform.” #DNC2012natasha korecki#2012DNC Rep. Luis Gutierrez at the Democratic Convention podium right now…Lynn SweetWatch DNC Video About the Future of EnergypbsnewshourBoston Mayor Thomas Menino: Romney’s Values Aren’t ‘Boston Values’pbsnewshourHere is the livestream of the entire day’s speaking events via the Democratic National Convention organizers.YouTube – Broadcast Yourself.YouTubeWednesday Schedule – 2012 Democratic National Convention9AM – 10AM Morning Prayer Gathering (Room 211AB/212AB) 10AM – 12PM Caucus Session #1 Black Caucus (Ballroom CD) Hispanic Caucus (Ballroom…Previous convention coverage

Looking back at previous coverage of the conventions from Chicago Sun-Times reporters and columnists on the ground in Tampa and Charlotte.The speeches – Day 1 of the Democratic National ConventionnullCoverage of the Democratic National Convention by Chicago Sun-Times staffWashington Bureau Chief Lynn Sweet (@LynnSweet), Springfield Bureau Chief Dave McKinney (@DaveMcKinney123), political reporter Natasha Ko…The speeches: Day 4 of the Republican National ConventionnullThe speeches: Day 3 of the Republican National ConventionnullThe speeches: Day 2 – Republican National ConventionA look at some of the highlights from the speeches from Day 2 of the Republican National Convention.Day 1 at the Republican National ConventionWashington Bureau Chief Lynn Sweet (@LynnSweet), Springfield Bureau Chief Dave McKinney (@DaveMcKinney123), political reporter Natasha Ko…

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