Clinton, Warren headline Wednesday DNC speeches

SHARE Clinton, Warren headline Wednesday DNC speeches

Former President Bill Clinton and U.S. senate candidate Elizabeth Warren will headline the second day of the Democratic National Convention.

Clinton’s keynote address is expected to draw parallels between President Barack Obama’s tough first-term decisions and his own presidency, convention officials told CNN.

The policies Clinton was advocating with his Bridge to the 21st Century theme at the 1996 Democratic convention really do add up to the balanced approach President Obama is calling for, one of the senior convention officials said, citing proposals such as government spending on education, infrastructure development and innovation. There are some dramatic echoes between the two presidents.

Warren’s address, however, is equally an appeal to Massachusetts voters as it is an endorsement of the president. Likeability polls among Massachusetts voters have Warren is slightly down against Republican Scott Brown but she will not explicitly mention him in her speech, instead focusing on the differences between President Obama and Mitt Romney, the Boston Globe reports.

Warren — best known as a vigorous advocate for consumer protection and Wall Street reform — spoke about that very topic Tuesday on “Good Morning America.” She answered the seemingly ubiquitous “Are we better off?” question by drawing a sharp contrast between the candidates’ visions for the country’s financial future.

… The real issue now in the election is: Who’s got the best plan going forward? Mitt Romney has made it clear what his plan is. Cut taxes for the richest Americans and the biggest corporations, increase taxes on the middle class, and don’t make investments in the future. Barack Obama says that’s not the right way to do it. What we’re going to do is we’re going to ask everyone to pay a fair share, not increase taxes on the middle class and make investments in the kinds of things that could help us build a future: education, roads, and bridges. It’s two very different visions of how to go forward.

See a full schedule of Wednesday’s DNC speakers here.

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