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End of an era: Richard Belzer's 'John Munch' being retired

Actor Richard Belzer, who has portrayed police officer John Munch since “Law & Order: SVU” launched in 1999 — plus originated the role on “Homicide: Life on the Street” in 1993 — is leaving “SVU.”

On Wednesday’s episode of the the show, it was revealed that Munch had filed his retirement papers.

The Oct. 16 episode will feature a goodbye to the character on the long-running program. Over the years, Belzer’s Munch character has not only been featured on “Homicide” and “SVU,” but also appeared on “The X Files,” “The Beat,” “The Wire” and the original “Law & Order.”

It is expected Belzer — as Munch — will appear occasionally on “SVU” in a guest role.