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"Star Wars: Episode VII" rumor report - more Cumberbatch

The Benedict Cumberbatch rumor is incapable of dying, and it definitely won’t after this – a clip of Cumberbatch and Harrison Ford acting coy about “Star Wars: Episode VII” on BBC America’s “The Graham Norton Show.”

J.J. Abrams has to be paying Cumberbatch off to be so cheeky about this issue. And Harrison Ford, all gung ho a few months ago, is apparently back to his meh attitude about good ol’ Han Solo.

In other news:

Add Michael B. Jordan (“Chronicle”) and Chloe Moretz to the list of auditioners floating around.

And does it need to be said out loud that Abrams and George Lucas talk a lot? There were a ton of posts about that Thursday, but if you care about “Star Wars,” assume that as long as George Lucas is drawing breath, he will be “involved” in “Star Wars.” It doesn’t mean he’s directing it.

Finally, from, Film Critic Ali Arikan created some stir when he said Tuesday casting and title announcements will be very soon as well as a trailer, featuring none other than Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill).

Seems a bit early for trailer, but we’ll be watching.