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Fish of the Week: Muskie good-bye to Heidecke

Let’s say good-bye to the fishing season on the cooling lakes in style with the story of Adam Christopherson’s first muskie.

He and Bill Barkstrom had a slow morning–one hybrid, lots of small white bass–on Sept. 28 at Heidecke Lake.

Then, well let him tell it.

“As a last-ditch effort we decided to cast around the harbor before calling it a day, and to my surprise this fish hit on about my 10th cast,” Christopherson emailed.

The 38-inch muskie, which hit a homemade lure made by Barkstrom, was quickly measured and released.

Good way to celebrate the season at Heidecke, which closed Tuesday. Braidwood also closed Tuesday. LaSalle Lake closes Sunday.

Normally I get FOTW posted earlier, but I have been snowed under with Bank of America Chicago Marathon coverage.

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