The Evening Rush for Friday, October 11, 2013

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Rahm’s war chest

Though the 2015 mayoral election is still 16 months away, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has amassed a mighty war chest of more than $5 million. The more important number, though, is the number of opponents: 0. Meanwhile, some of Rahm’s harshest critics are already firing back. Stacy Davis Gates, political legislative director for the Chicago Teachers Union, said: “He needs every damn dime.” CTU president K who infamously shut doznes of schools this summer. Yet, as of this moment, there’s little to stop Rahm’s run towards re-election. [Rahm’s war chest, CTU fires back]

Heated City Council

Not surprisingly, aldermen are pretty displeased about the huge settlement being paid over a former CDOT employee’s harassment suit. [Sun-Times]


The GOP and the White House are inching closer to a budget deal. [WaPo]

Caught speeding

A 40-day test run of a handful of new speed cameras caught almost 205,000 violators. They received warnings, but they could have racked up millions in tickets. [Sun-Times]

The new owners?

There are already candidates lining up to pick up, poke and prod the Dominick’s grocery stores. [Crain’s]

Koschman update

The judge in the David Koschman case will hear arguments from both sides before ruling on whether or not the grand jury report will be unsealed. [Sun-Times]

Not gun shy

A gaggle of gun-rights groups are holding an event called “Guns Save Lives Day” — on the anniversary of the Newtown massacre. [Gawker]

Those eyes

The story behind the iconic Chicago International Film Festival logo. [WBEZ]

Rose-colored goggles

Horace Grant manages to slam both the Heat and the current Bulls in one go. [Sun-Times]

Nah, we’re cool

Robbie Gould and Devin Hester hugged and made up. [ESPN]

The Bright One

The Chicago Marathon is Sunday morning so good luck to all of this year’s runners. And for everyone else, we’ve got a blog post that we will update throughout the weekend with info, including CTA reroutes, viewing locations and an interactive street closure map. [Sun-Times]


Sudoku; Weather; Traffic; CTA; Metra; Flight delays

And finally

Not The Onion, part two: “What can be done about Facebook fight club?” [WESH]

The Latest
Anthony M. Strozier, 31, was caught on surveillance video using bolt cutters to snip the lock of an antique glass case and making off with four watches, court records show.
The Big Ten was looking for a seven-year deal worth $380 million per year from ESPN, and the network declined.
Cam Williams’ football career took a fateful turn when he arrived at Glenbard South early in the pandemic.
Bound together with lime juice and olive oil, streaked with quick-pickled red onions, the peppery bite of poblano and earthy parsley, each bite of this corn and tomato salad is juicy, cool and balanced.
Save the champagne. The FBI raid on Donald Trump’s Florida estate probably doesn’t mean anything.