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Sue's Morning Stretch: What's on airwaves this a.m.

Watching morning TV shows, listening to morning drive radio. Here’s what I noticed:

  • GMA talking about Jay-Z taking the Underground to a London concert over the weekend. Who wouldn’t? Such a clean and convenient transit system. And on time! (I first saw the electronic boards we now have at a few CTA stations with train arrival times there in late 1980s!) Jay-Z followers know he’s no stranger to public transportation. Here the music mogul is taking subway in New York to the Barclay Center not long ago.
  • Ricardo Sebastian of Luxury Management was talking up the daytime fashion presentation for the 19th annual Fashion Focus. There’s a free event at noon Wednesday at Millennium Park. Here’s the entire sked.
  • The last guy to cross the finish line of the Chicago Marathon, nearly 17 hours after he started, is quite an inspiration and Channel 5 told his story. Over on Channel 9, heard this quote from him: “If you give your all, you will build peace inside.” Wow.
  • Showbiz Shelly on B96 tweeted her truly awful-looking photo of one of the TWO fingers she maimed slicing a refrigerated taffy. I let her know she didn’t have to put a taffy apple in the frig. She says she likes them that way. After eight stitches, I think she should try ’em at room temperature.