1 A deal is nigh

Senate leaders have hammered out a deal that would reopen the government open through mid-January, raise the debt ceiling through February and force budget negotiations in December. But it’s still not clear what House Republicans will do, or whether GOP Senators will fall in line. [Sun-Times]

2 NSA peeking at email lists

The National Security Agency has been “harvesting” contact lists from millions of personal email and messaging accounts around the world. That’s the latest revelation from the trove of documents disclosed by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. [Washington Post]

3 Rose: I’m fine

Bulls star Derrick Rose says his rehabilitated knee is fine, the missed game in Brazil is no big deal and, essentially, everybody should just calm down already. [Sun-Times]

4 Pritzker fund going big

JB Pritzker’s venture capital fund is changing its name and upping its investment capital so it can make bigger bets on more mature companies. The former New World Ventures is now Pritzker Group Venture Capital. [Tribune]

5 Big hire at Apple

Apple poached Burberry’s CEO to run the tech giant’s retail division. [WSJ]

6 A beef with Bill Kurtis

Chicago newsman Bill Kurtis is being sued by the former CEO of Kurtis’ beef company. The plaintiff claims Tallgrass Beef Co., the Kansas cattle operation that produces Kurtis’ line of grass-fed beef, owes him “significant” back pay. [Crain’s]

7 Craft Budweiser?

You’d probably buy Budweiser instead of your favorite microbrew if you only knew when that Bud was brewed and what breed of hops went into it. That’s the theory behind Bud’s new artisan suds. [Businessweek]

8 Gluten for starters

Chicago entrepreneur Scott Mandell built a $33 million health-food brand by going beyond gluten-free. His products contain no peanuts, eggs, milk, soybeans or other things that make somebody somewhere sick. [Grid]

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